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Bidders: The information for bidders on specifications may be picked up at the Watertown Housing Authority.


Please submit your bid by mail or in person to:

Watertown Housing Authority

1091 Buckingham Street, Watertown CT 06795

by the date posted.

The Watertown Housing Authority reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids and to award the contract in the best interests of the WHA.

BIDS OVER $25,000

A. All contracts for housing project construction work, supplies or purchases of personal property of every description whose several parts exceed $25,000 shall be publicly advertised, for the purpose of receiving bids upon the same. The invitation for bids will be publicly advertised and bids shall be solicited from an adequate number of known suppliers, providing them suffiecient time prior to the date set for the opening bids. The invitation to bid, including specifications and pertinent attachments, must clearly define the items or services needed.


B. The sealed bids received in response to such public advertisement shall be publicly opened at A Commission Meeting of Authority, the date and time of such meeting being named in such public bid advertisement.


C. The Watertown Housing Authority must retain copies of all bid packages received from Bidders along with copies of all legal notices and bid advertisements in theproper vendor file.


D. The Watertown Housing Autority's Executive Director or an independent investigator will conduct a due diligence effort to provide research and detailed review of all aspects of the company, evaluating the abilities of the company to fulfill the requirements of the agreement. The research will be conducted on all bidders the Board of Commissioners deems necessary.


E. Awards will be considered to the responsible firm whose proposal is most advantageous to the Watertown Housing Authority with price and other factors considered under the terms and conditions of the proposed procurement to the Board of Commissioners for approval.


BIDS $2,000 TO $25,000

The Housing Authority will approve expenditures directly at monthly meetings of the Board of Commissioners with purchase requests signed by the Executive Director. Quotations may be obtained in writing (hard copy or email) and are not sealed bids.


This process requests for proposals and contract awards to be made to the responsible entity deemed most advantageous to the Housing Authority, considering price and other factors. Proposals for expenditures in excess of $2,000 but less than $25,000 must be obtained in writing. The Watertown Housing Authority shall obtain price quotes from an adequate number of qualified sources, generally defined as not less than three (3), except in the case of micro purchases.



Purchases and contracts shall be made by the authorized staff and approved by the Executive Director in the open market using micro-purchase procedures, following inquiry, as necessary, to ascertain that the price is the most advantageous to the Housing Authority.


Quotations may be obtained in writing (hard copy or email), by fax, via, catalogs, or by letter, through electronic means.

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