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Application for Rental Housing for Elderly Persons

You must meet the necessary requirements of the Tenant Selection Policy of the Watertown Housing Authority to be eligible.  

  • Applicant must be 62 years of age or older or be certified as being disabled by the Federal Social Security Act.

  • Income includes social security, pension, interest, dividends, social service assistance, wages, and other income.  All sources of income combined cannot exceed the following annual amounts:

Single Occupancy limit:     Minimum​ $15,000.00              Maximum $45,500.00

Double Occupancy limit:    Minimum $21,500.00              Maximum $52,000.00

If you do not meet these requirements, you are not eligible to apply for tenancy and should not complete this form.

If you meet these requirements, please complete the entire application with supporting documentation.  Incomplete applications may not be acknowledged or may be returned for completion.  Please send your completed application to:


Watertown Housing Authority, 1091 Buckingham Street, Watertown, CT  06795

 click this link for the application:    Application for Rental Housing for Elderly Persons

Buckingham Terrace - 935 Buckingham Street - Watertown CT
30 Efficiency Units @ 400 sq. ft.         10 one Bedroom Units @ 500 sq. ft.


Country Ridge - 1091 Buckingham Street - Watertown CT
40 one Bedroom Units @ 650 sq. ft.

Truman Terrace - 100 Steele Brook Road - Watertown CT
28 Efficiency Units @ 424 sq. ft.

Truman Terrace - 100 Steele Brook Road - Watertown CT
12 one Bedroom Units @ 600 sq. ft.

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